Public Vehicles Financing Program

Finance your Public Vehicle from Islamic Finance House Company with a competitive profit rate and a lot of additional benefits provided by our public vehicle financing program in compliance with Sharia’a guidelines.

  • Public Cars / Taxi
  • Public Buses


  • Flexible Financing Percentage
  • Flexible and long payment period
  • Financing according to Sharia’a Guidelines
  • Approval within 24 Hours
  • Car Registration under the name of the borrower being mortgaged for IFHC
  • Ability to provide the customer with more than one loan


  • Choose the public car and attain a price offer directed to IFHC
  • Visit one of our branches
  • Fill the application and provide us with requested documents
  • IFHC will buy the car on your behalf
  • IFHC will resell the car to the customer according to Murabaha Contract
  • Register the car under the customer name being mortgaged for IFHC

Requested Documents:

  • Fill loan application
  • Attain a price offer directed to IFHC
  • Customer ID
  • Having public driving license