Cooperation Agreement between IFHC and Palestinian Jordanian Forum

Cooperation Agreement between IFHC and Palestinian Jordanian Forum

IFHC Signed with PJF a memorandum of understanding with the purpose of providing financing serviced to PJF Members

 Palestinian Jordanian forum includes more than 250 businessmen representing more than 1000 company working in various field and sectors, and one of there continues requirements are financing sources that are quick and responsive.

PJF Chairman Eng. Nathmei Al- Atmeh said that this Forum supports on achieving economic development for its members whom they seek to expand their work and investments inside the kingdom.

Al-Atmeh mentioned that the need for financing services is becoming very important at the time being, and IFHC provides very highly quality and up to date financing services in the local market.

IFHC CEO Mr. Hisham Jaber said: “this partnership with PJF will have a positive impact on the members of the forum especially in the field of providing Islamic financing services according to Sharia’a regulations.”

He also said that IFHC provides several financing services for SMEs sector, and empower women through customized financing solutions. He also highlighted that all financing companies working in the local market are considered one of the pillars that supports the local economy and helps in creating jobs for the youth.

Mr. Jaber focused on the fact that despite the newness of IFHC in the local market, IFHC was able to achieve several milestones including a good network expansion in different governances such as Amman, Irbid and Aqaba.